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Financial Platform

Integrity Financial Groups Provides An Exclusive Private Membership Funding Platform Offering Various Risk Mitigated Structured Financial Products For Large Commercial Developments and Industrial Projects.

Private Membership Funding Program Overview


In a world marked by financial instability and regulatory changes, the Private Membership Funding Program stands out as a model of innovation and resilience. This document provides an overview of the program, highlighting its approach to addressing industry challenges, the solutions it offers, the unique opportunities available to members, and the rigorous standards and expectations it maintains.

Understanding the Challenges

The financial industry is currently facing a myriad of challenges. These challenges encompass a range of issues: funding stagnation and credit tightening partly due to necessary banking updates; integration of blockchain technology; recent bank failures; significant shifts in financial regulation; and geopolitical changes resulting in new strategic alliances between international superpowers. Additionally, there’s the impact of the implementation of international Basel IV capital requirements. These factors, combined with the complexities introduced by heightened cybersecurity risks and rising interest rates in response to global inflation, significantly impact lending activity.  Additionally, underwriters have failed to adapt appropriately to counterbalance the inaccuracies found in both credit history and recent business financials for applicants deemed non-essential during COVID-19 or affected by the aftermath of business closers and disrupted supply chains. The industry is also dealing with complexities in underwriting due to the new Quantitative Financial System rollout, including the Corporate Transparency Act and new Anti-Money Laundering Act requirements to combat fraudulent activities, making access to funds more challenging and resulting in an increase in major delays in lending activities.

The Solution: A Private Membership Funding Platform

To tackle these issues, the Private Membership Funding Program offers a flexible financial partnership within the private sector, in line with updated banking compliance. It features practical lending guidelines that adhere to new banking standards which greatly enhances efficient processing with prompt turnaround times.

Opportunities for Exclusive Members

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The program provides numerous benefits for its members. These include the opportunity to become capital partners with access to essential financial tools, the ability to continuously access and grow capital based on the viability of their project(s), and expert guidance from a team well-versed in quantitative financial models, risk management, and global market conditions. The program focuses on risk management, with each project fund being isolated to minimize unrelated risks, and includes a customized incorporation of supporting insurance products purposed to securitize the fund.

The Funding Process

For applicants to access funding, the process is straightforward. Once engaged, applicants are required to assign 10% of the total funding amount as a Down Payment to the Provider. This Down Payment is crucial for securitizing the various risk management requirements for the fund program. If the credit line is not performed the Down Payment is unassigned and available for request to the applicant. Typical funding ranges between $100 million and $1 billion. Exceptions can be made to a minimum of $25 million based on an approved repeatable model.  Upon receiving the Down Payment, the Provider then supplies the Client with the agreed-upon funding amount in an isolated securitized SPV, as allocated funds available for drawdown, whose primary purpose is to act as a private credit line facility for the Client’s associated Project(s). The Provider of the Private Membership Funding Platform is the designated Private Fund Manager responsible for overseeing the Client’s Private Credit Line.

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Maintaining Exclusivity and Standards

Integrity Financial Groups Values

The program is committed to maintaining high standards of conduct and strict adherence to its covenants. This emphasis on exclusivity ensures that the program remains a prestigious and high-caliber financial tool.

Member Expectations

Members are expected to fulfill specific criteria, including Down Payment collateralization and fund securitization through customized insurance products, to ensure the safety and compliance of the funds.

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The Private Membership Funding Program offers a unique and comprehensive approach to addressing the challenges faced by the financial industry. It provides a blend of flexibility, security, and efficiency, supporting qualified members and pioneering in a new era of financial partnership and innovation. With its focused approach to funding and commitment to high standards and member success, the program is a significant step towards a more stable and responsive financial future.

Financial Platform

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    Integrity Financial Groups Provides Various Risk Mitigated Structured Startup Funding Products For Startup Corporations And Projects.

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    Integrity Financial Groups Provides Various Risk Mitigated Structured Development Financing Products For Large Commercial And Industrial Financing Projects.

    Project Financing

    Integrity Financial Groups Provides Various Risk Mitigated Structured Financing Products For Large Commercial And Industrial Project Financing Projects.

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    Integrity Financial Groups Provides Various Risk Mitigated Structured Commercial Financing Products For Large Commercial Financing Projects.

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    Integrity Financial Groups Provides Various Risk Mitigated Structured Business Financing Products For Large Commercial Business Financing Projects.

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    Integrity Financial Groups Provides Various Risk Mitigated Structured Financing Asset-Based Lending Products For Medium To Large Corporations.