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Private Equity

Integrity Financial Groups Provides Access To Various Private Equity Partners And Investors In Various Markets To Assure Our Clients The Best Possible Outcome On Each Development, Project, And Commercial Financing Transaction.

Our private equity team is powered by passion, driven by people, and collaborative with our partners. We blend strategic experience and creative thinking with hard data to advance a business.  We have a targeted due diligence process through which we identify management teams and businesses that share our same values and passion. By forging close relationships with existing management teams and key constituents, we strive to create a transformative result for all parties.

Private Equity
Private Equity
Private Equity
Private Equity

Our partner-based approach has been proven over time and is reflected in the growth and value creation at our portfolio companies. We work with executives to transform entrepreneurial businesses into professional, sophisticated enterprises by focusing on operational improvements, M&A strategy and talent, and resource development. We recognize that we could not be successful without the trust of our partners, investors, and companies along the way. 

Private Equity
Private Equity

As liquidity in the economy tightens and the cost of capital begins to rise along with interest rates, many companies, especially those in higher-risk sectors, are finding borrowing costs to be growing more expensive. As a result, they are turning to additional strategies, such as private equity and insurance capital to de-risk their business model and raise cheaper debt in both the public and private markets.


Private Equity
Private Equity

There are currently very few options for companies seeking to grow their businesses when risk-based capital is non-existent in both today’s marketplace and in the foreseeable economic future. We have developed a proprietary technique, using private equity and insurance as an alternative form of capital, to help mitigate risks, which enables companies to raise debt without private equity dilution in both private and public debt offerings.

Private Equity
Private Equity

Private Equity and insurance capital help smaller businesses leverage the balance sheet of billion-dollar insurers to help raise comparatively cheaper debt that is duration-matched to a company’s off-take agreements.  An insurer’s balance sheet also provides our clients with a shadow rating for the purposes of securing low-cost debt.  Integrity Financial Groups have developed strategic partnerships that have developed the most efficient path forward for risk-adjusted ESG-related investments, benefiting both entrepreneurs and investors.

Private Equity

We Are A Team
Of Professionals.

Our investment team offers depth and expertise in supporting the needs of our portfolio companies in a broad range of industries and regions. This experience enables us to act decisively and thoughtfully to help management teams increase the long-term value of their businesses.

Private Equity


Integrity Financial Groups seeks to identify and invest in high-quality development financing projects with companies led by skilled and motivated executives. We then align both our short and long-term interests by providing our management teams with a meaningful ownership stake in the businesses they lead.

Private Equity Financing

We provide middle-market private equity that is focused on generating long-term capital appreciation by investing in profitable and growing businesses led by strong management teams. 


Our creative securitization through private equity and insurance-backed financing is designed to provide a consistent, attractive yield and is unique in that it mitigates risk associated with any financial development financing or project financing. 

Our Workflow & Process

Our industry experts in private equity and insurance-backed financing have significant experience while having developed innovative risk mitigation techniques and insurance solutions to help secure investments.

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