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Structured Finance

Integrity Financial Groups Provides Various Risk Mitigated Structured Finance Services For Large Commercial And Industrial Projects.

Structured finance is a heavily involved financial instrument presented to large financial institutions or companies with complicated financing needs who are unsatisfied with conventional financial products. Structured financing is typically indicated for corporations who have highly specified needs that a simple loan or another conventional financial instrument will not satisfy. In most cases, structured financing involves one or several discretionary transactions to be completed. 

Structured Financing
Structured Finance

Structured finance products are typically not offered by traditional lenders. Generally, because structured finance is required for major capital injection into a business or organization, investors are required to provide such financing. Structured finance products are almost always non-transferable, meaning that they cannot be shifted between various types of debt in the same way that a standard loan can.

Structured Financing
Structured Finance

Increasingly, structured finance and securitization are used by corporations, governments, and financial intermediaries to manage risk, develop financial markets, expand business reach, and design new funding instruments for advancing, evolving, and complex emerging markets. For these entities, using structured finance transforms cash flows and reshapes the liquidity of financial portfolios, in part by transferring risk from sellers to buyers of the structured finance products. Structured finance mechanisms have also been used to help financial institutions remove specific assets from their balance sheets.

Structured Financing
Structured Financing

When a standard loan is not enough to cover unique transactions dictated by a corporation’s operational needs, a number of structured finance products may be implemented.

Securitization is the process through which a financial instrument is created by combining financial assets, commonly resulting in such instruments as CDOs, asset-backed securities, and credit-linked notes. Various tiers of these repackaged instruments are then sold to investors. Securitization, much like structured finance, promotes liquidity and is used to develop structured financing products used by qualified businesses and other customers. There are many benefits of securitization, including being a less expensive source of funding and better use of capital.

Structured Financing
Structured Finance

Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) are a model example of securitization and its risk-transferring utility. Mortgages may be grouped into one large pool, leaving the issuer the opportunity to divide the pool into pieces that are based on the risk of default inherent to each mortgage. The smaller pieces may then be sold to investors.

Structured Financing

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Structured financing is a financial instrument available to companies with complex structured financing needs, which cannot be ordinarily solved with conventional financing.

Structured Financing

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Structured financing is being used to manage risk and develop financial markets for complex emerging markets as well as purchase equipment outside of the nonconventional credit profile.

Corporate Risk Assessment

Structured financing is a sector of finance that manages leverage and risk. Strategies may involve legal and corporate restructuring, off balance sheet accounting, or the use of financial instruments.


Through securitization and structured financing, more families, individuals, and businesses have access to essential credit, seamlessly and at a lower price.

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Structured financing utilizes securitization to pool assets, creating novel financial instruments to enable better use of available capital or serve as a cheaper source of funding, especially for lower-rated originators

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