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Eric J. Talley
Eric J. Talley

Eric J. Talley

Director of Risk Management


After a storied career navigating the realms of risk and profit, initially in insurance and subsequently in commercial finance, Eric Talley discerned an unmet lending need that eluded traditional avenues. Thus, Eric cultivated a direct relationship with a unique unsecured/GAP loan program, culminating in the establishment of Iconic Resources LLC. This venture has since blossomed into a pioneering alliance with Integrity Financial Groups, Inc., where he serves as the Director of Risk Management and Insurance.

At Integrity Financial Groups, Inc., our offerings transcend conventional finance paradigms, harnessing the tools of global finance imbued with astute geopolitical and economic foresight, fortified by Basel IV Compliance, Treasury Management, Risk Management, and Risk Mitigation. While our product is intricate, our focus remains resolutely uncomplicated: safeguarding our esteemed members from external vicissitudes while nurturing a resilient fund poised to facilitate individual triumphs commensurate with their abilities.

This endeavor demands a meticulous orchestration of internal underwriting, comprehensive product comprehension, astute risk management, and bespoke solutions honed over decades of international insurance expertise. As an underwriter, Eric has crafted risk management frameworks that intricately gauge risk tolerance thresholds, alongside devising international insurance products tailored to address the lacunae of traditional offerings on a global scale.

Eric’s recent tenure in Commercial Finance underscores a fundamental belief in enabling borrowers to actualize their visions, anchored in an ethos that prioritizes their capabilities over antiquated methodologies. This ethos crystallized during my international endeavors, where I encountered a diverse array of clients clamoring for capital access despite lacking conventional credit profiles. It was imperative to forge a solution, a feat that Integrity Financial Groups, Inc. adeptly achieved. Simultaneously, our mission extends to safeguarding global funds while expeditiously delivering tailored products, ensuring that each member wields capital as a catalyst for their success.


International Risk Assessment95%
International Risk Management90%
International Insurance Specialist90%
International Insurance Program Developer90%

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